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Light Chasers by Michael Buchino

Nearly a year ago, Max Temkin posted a song by Cloud Cult which prompted a brief dialogue that went kinda like this:

Buchino: I love Cloud Cult!

Temkin: Me too!

Buchino: I wanna re-do all their album covers!

Temkin: That’s an amazing idea. I’d work with you on that!¹

Alas, Max and I ultimately did not get to collaborate on this (save for some more conversation). But the exchange did get my wheels turning. Last September, I had the opportunity to finish the illustration. With the help of Em Space, I even created a limited 3 ft. sq. steam roll press print.² 

It is inspired by my favorite Cloud Cult album, Light Chasers. The album is a beautiful story of discovery—of life, of love, of belonging, of power, of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

I tried to incorporate many of these themes in the illustration,  

And you know what? I fucking love it. 

I want to do more work like this (which is kinda why I quit my job). I want to share the stories that make me swell up.

Get your hands on a print at søciety6

1. Only actual quote.

2. Yup, I carved up a 3 ft. sq. block of wood and used a steam roller to print it. I have two available. If you want one, get in touch.

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