I’m leaving Portland Center Stage—a place I love to work—to freelance and never wear pants again.

For the past five years, nine months and eleven days, Portland Center Stage has been a job, a friend and a home. It’s where I worked and played (and napped). I lent my hand to myriad projects, including some pretty great posters and overseeing a design overhaul of pcs.org

Maybe this is a big mistake. Probably it’s just a change in life that will lead to different opportunities and other naps. Either way, I would have never gotten to this point without PCS. 

I’m taking January and February off. But if you’ve got a hankerin’ to talk to me, drop a line. Or just mouse around buchino.net a bit. Or read some of my favorite posts:

2014 is gonna be pretty great. And so can you. 

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  1. sarahspy said: Congrats! I left my job to freelance for a year a while back, and it was hard but super rewarding. Best wishes!
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