i sing you sing we sing by Michael Buchino

Some friends of mine are making an opera comprised of two Gertrude Stein librettos. It’s called Gertrude Stein SAINTS! and they’re bringing it to The New York International Fringe Festival this August.

It’s gonna be rad. See:

So they started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to pay actors and artisans. 

That’s where this poster comes in. It’s a line from the play. It’s available at the $35 reward level, and includes a live recording of the show. You can also get work from Kyle Durrie (Power & Light Press) and Jordan Harrison.

i sing is all unique hand lettering (You can tell I like A.M. Cassandre a bit). It’ll be screen printed in the next couple weeks. 

Joyous as hell, right? The more of us singing, the better it gets. It would look great in your kitchen, dontcha think? 

Stop giggledicking around—buy a copy and send my friends to the Fringe!