I’m probably the least exciting fan ever. 

I love the team for whom I cheer: The Louisville Cardinals. But I often watch them in silence. I don’t scream at or talk to the television. I may clap a single clap or smirk briefly after a dunk, three-pointer or steal. I’m terrible at talking shit about other teams. When the other team pulls off an impressive play, I smile. 

When Louisville beat Notre Dame a few nights ago, I was admittedly euphoric for a good thirty minutes. I was also drunk. 

When it comes to the NCAA tournament, I have just a few rituals.

  1. Download a bracket and kill all the unnecessary logos and bullshit. (Download your logo-free bracket here.)
  2. Pick Louisville to win it all to see what it would look like for them to do that. 
  3. Fill out more realistic predictions and make that my official bracket. 

I would likely do the same if I cheered for a lesser or greater team.

So, what did you learn from all this?

Michael Buchino has dreams, but is too realistic to ever believe in them. 

(It could be worse.)


  1. southtwelfth said: You’re my kind of guy, Buchino. Go Loserville!
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