I can finally explain this photograph.

In January, 2010, I visited my sister, Nancy, and her boyfriend, Lucas, in Boston. The only opportunity I would have to visit my friend, Jordan, would be Sunday morning at his four square league. 

Nancy had made four Care Bear costumes for the previous Halloween. So, naturally, we went to visit Jordan and cheer him on as Care Bears. 

But we needed a fourth. 

Lucky for us—and Good Luck Bear for her—we met a Starbucks barista who thought it’d be fun to tag along. That’s just how we roll. 

The entire thing was shot on my iPhone 3GS, so pardon the quality. Jordan Harrison did all the editing and music and a lot of the shooting and everything else that’s magical. 

Tenderheart Bear – Nancy Schroeder née Buchino
Bedtime Bear – Lucas Schroeder
Good Luck Bear – Mary Getler
Diversity Bear – Michael Buchino 

Before you ask: Yes, that’s four square world champion Chris Glasser playing with the Care Bears in the background. 


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