CHEERS! in Russian 

To you! Pronounced “za vas”.


CHEERS! in Mandarin 

A couple weeks ago, I heard my neighbors talking in Chinese. I asked Ricky, “Do you speak another language?” “Yes, Cantonese, Mandarin, Shitty French…” 

I explained this project and he pointed to his wife, Irene. “She’s the one who can write really well.” Irene and I chatted for an hour about where they met, why they moved stateside and how she’s ‘old school Chinese’. 

She showed me how to write Mandarin properly using a tiny watercolor brush and some napkins. Then Ricky and Irene gave me a Chinese dessert and some tips on the best restaurants in town (hint: not in Chinatown). 

I bought a giant Chinese calligraphy brush and some rice paper the next day. Some folks practice calligraphy for a lifetime. This is as good as I got in just a few weeks. 


CHEERS! in Serbian

“Let’s live long!”


CHEERS! in Amharic

Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia. More people speak it than Romanian, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech or Swedish. መልካም is pronounced melkam

I got help from the lovely folks at Emame’s Ethiopian Cuisine. Their food cart is on SW 9th and Washington. Get the veggie special—it’s delicious. 


CHEERS! in Japanese

Pronounced kanpai—dry the cup! 


Some ATAD process in Hungarian… 

  1. Sketch it.
  2. Fill it. 
  3. Kern it. 
  4. Color it.